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Design Assets


133 Hektar GmbH & Co. KG consists of four members with different agricultural backgrounds: animal husbandry, arboriculture, arable farming and fruit trees. Although the four organic farmers are busy running their own businesses, they decided to work together for the greater good: 133 Hektar GmbH & Co. KG was set up to promote regenerative agriculture in the very dry and windy region of north-west Germany. By planting trees and sowing flower meadows, the local soil retains more water, prevents erosion and supports local wildlife.

133 Hektar GmbH & Co. KG needed marketing material to communicate their mission, planned projects, location and partnerships. A flyer was agreed to be distributed at local events and shops.

Please note: The 133 Hektar logo was created by andesee Werbeagentur.

133 Hektar Flyer in motion

My job was to create a visually appealing, positive and informative flyer. As I had personally experienced the founding phase of 133 Hektar GmbH & Co. KG and was studying organic agriculture at the time, I was able to write all the necessary text and create appropriate graphics. The green ‘uphill’ graphic, for example, was inspired by natural succession, starting with small trees and a text about the status quo (brown box), to full grown trees and hedges, accompanied by texts about future projects (grey box).

The title graphic was inspired by local flowers and rye, which is one of the main crops grown on the ‘133 Hektar’ land. As flower meadows encourage insect life, I added some insects to the white space. The map shows the location of 133 Hektar both in the region and nationally. The “Wangelkow” sign is derived from a real wooden sign put up by residents at one end of the village.
All images have been provided by 133 Hektar GmbH & Co. KG.


The main flyer was followed by an invitation to a project kick-off: Implementing an agroforestry system by planting the first fruit trees on local church land. The fruit trees were all old and hardy apple and pear varieties. The event was attended by around 100 supportive and interested people, making it a great success for the project as a whole.


The information board was the icing on the cake: It was placed on two sides of the new agroforestry area to inform locals and visitors about the future of the land. Although I reused some of the images and graphics from the flyer, this board specifically explained the project on site.

Business cards

These business cards were not commissioned by 133 Hektar GmbH & Co. KG, so consider them a small passion project. As Markus is an expert on fruit trees, I used young and mature trees to fill in the white space. I also added a griffin to the top to emphasise the abundance of local wildlife.

The 133 Hektar GmbH & Co. KG is an association of farmers in north-eastern Germany who aim to farm regeneratively and regionally. In order to communicate their mission to the outside world, various advertising materials were needed.

Client133 Hektar GmbH & Co. KGYear2021 / 2022Share
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