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Branding Process


Young and outgoing, bold and stylish – Nova’s target group are the trendsetters of Gen X and Y. My aim was to accentuate the warm, washed-out tones and geometric patterns you can see in the mood board. The brand’s direction of choice screams nostalgia, summer and hanging out with like-minded people.


First, I created a 70s-inspired brand pattern, which I then used to create the letters. Only the O is out of shape. It represents the sun – moving from sunrise to sunset. The signet logo is a simple combination of the primary logo: the sun is partially covered, either on its way to dawn or on its way to sunrise.


Introducing: Nova, a sustainable sunglasses brand!
The Nova collection is a youthful and bold range of sunglasses with modern styles inspired by the 70s and 80s. All Nova frames are made from at least 50% recycled plastic and all styles come in 100% recyclable packaging. These super trendy sunglasses support good habits for good vibes!

Please note: This is a passion project, meaning this branding was created for a fictitious company.

ClientPassion ProjectYearMarch, 2023Share
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